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This website (, hereafter “this website”) is operated by Ibara Seiki Limited. By using this website, customers acknowledge that they have read and understood the Terms of Use. Note also that these terms are subject to change without prior notice.

Article 1 [Services]

  1. Users of this website shall bear the expense and responsibility for such use and shall provide, connect, and operate appropriately the necessary hardware, software, and communication means.
  2. Although this company uses this website to provide information concerning "Ibara Seiki Limited," it bears no liability for any injury or loss resulting from use of this website. For further information, see "Disclaimer」" below.

Article 2 [Copyright and other intellectual property rights]

  1. Intellectual property rights for the programs, photographs and other content of this website belong to Ibara Seiki Limited. Users are permitted to make use of this information only for their own private purposes. Any duplication, transfer, assignment, secondary use, etc., without authorization by this company is prohibited.

Article 3 [Prohibitions]

This company prohibits the following behaviors by users. The user is assumed to understand that any violation by users may be met with a claim for damages from this company.

  1. Behavior that brings damage to this company or a third party or that risks bringing such damage
  2. Behavior that infringes upon or risks infringing upon the assets, reputation, privacy, etc. of this company or a third party
  3. Behavior that violates or is a threat to public order and morals
  4. Behavior that reports or submits false information, such as registration of another person’s email address
  5. Behavior that uses or provides harmful programs such as a computer virus
  6. Behavior that unilaterally sends junk email, email newsletters, or the like
  7. Any other behavior that violates or risks violating laws or regulations
  8. Any other behavior that this company has judged as inappropriate

Article 4 [Disclaimer]

  1. The information presented on this website is not necessarily the latest information, and no guarantee is given regarding the accuracy, completeness, etc. thereof. Please contact us directly to receive the latest information.
  2. This company may, without prior notice, halt or interrupt the operation of this site and may revise all or part of the information presented in this site.
  3. This company bears absolutely no liability for all damages that may occur if this site becomes unusable due to unreliable information, server stoppages, or any other reason.
  4. This company bears absolutely no liability for all damages that may occur in relation to the use of this website by users, or entry of data, unlawful access, transmission, emailing, etc. by a third party.

Article 5 [Compensation for damage]

  1. This company is able to stop services immediately in the event of user behavior that violates these terms.
  2. This company shall receive compensation for damages incurred by violation of these terms.

(Supplementary provisions)

These terms shall be enforced as of April 1, 2014.
Enacted on April 1, 2014

Personal information protection policy (privacy policy)

Ibara Seiki Limited (hereinafter "this company") shall promote the protection of personal information by establishing the following personal information protection policy, devising means for protecting personal information, and having employees thoroughly recognize the importance of protecting personal information and work to ensure such protection.

Management of personal information

This company shall strictly manage personal information by maintaining accurate and up-to-date personal information of customers and by taking the necessary measures to protect personal information by preventing unlawful access, loss, damage, manipulation, and disclosure, such as by establishing and maintaining a security system, conducting thorough staff training, and implementing safety measures.

Purposes for use of personal information

Personal information that this company has received from customers shall be used in communications from this company including business announcements and responses to questions, using email or mailed materials.

Prohibition of disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

Personal information that this company has received from customers shall be managed appropriately and shall not be disclosed to any third party except in any of the following cases.

  1. When there is an agreement from the customer
  2. When this company makes disclosures to a vendor it has contracted in order to perform a service desired by the customer
  3. When disclosure is required based on laws and/or regulations

Verification of personal information

Any customer wishing to verify, revise, delete, or otherwise modify his or her own personal information shall be able to do so following confirmation of identity.

Compliance and review of laws, regulations, and other codes

This company shall review, as appropriate, the content of this policy, and shall work to make improvements therein while complying with the applicable Japanese laws, regulations, and other codes regarding the personal information it possesses.


Refer to the information below when contacting this company with regard to the handling of personal information.

Ibara Seiki Limited
431-3 Kamiizue-cho, Ibara, Okayama, Japan 715-0021
TEL: 0866-62-0061 FAX: 0866-63-1301

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