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Critical safety parts are critical for ensuring passenger safety. That is why safety should never be compromised.

“It turns when the steering wheel is moved.” “It stops when the brakes are applied.” For an automobile, these things are to be expected. But even things such as these are only possible when the parts have superb quality in terms of precision and strength. Many of the parts that we manufacture are called “critical safety-related parts” that relate directly to passenger safety. Even though we are an automotive parts manufacturer, we are also end-users as vehicle drivers. Being users of our own vehicles, we -- like our family, friends, and neighbors, and indeed people all over the world who we have never met -- are naturally seeking high-quality parts that make for a secure and pleasant car driving experience. It is thus with great pride that we work to manufacture critical safety-related parts.

Transmission parts Engine parts Axle parts Brake parts Ball joint Steering parts
  • Turn
    • Steering parts These are key parts that play a big role in steering vehicles.
    • Ball joint This part’s role is similar to that of a joint in the human body.
      Ball joints provide more than linkage; they also play a role in absorbing vibration and impact from road surfaces.
  • Stop
    • Brake parts These are parts involved in the braking function of vehicles.
    • Axle parts As parts peripheral to the tires, these parts are involved in vehicle’s “Drive” and “Stop” functions.
  • Drive
    • Engine parts These parts play the central role, as parts involved in vehicle’s basic “Drive” function.
    • Transmission parts These parts are power transmission devices used in the gear mechanism.

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