integrated production system

You can leave everything to us. We will meet your expectations with a secure, integrated production system.

  1. Design, Development, Evaluation


    In addition to handling everything from design to development based on our customers’ specifications, we have a full assortment of evaluation and testing equipment, so we can promptly respond to our customers’ preferences, with support for “Creation of Security” through quality assurance of trustworthy products.
  2. Cold forging


    By efficiently employing five parts formers in three different types, we are developing near net shape manufacturing of cold-forged materials. We are seeking not only to cut costs, but also to manufacture in a more Earth-friendly manner. Putting know-how gained from cold-forging technology to work, we are developing in-house manufacturing of metal dies.
  3. Heat treatment (quench-and-temper)
    With two carburizing furnaces, we are not only able to provide in-house tempering following cold forging; we also use tempering to stabilize the structure of materials, with induction hardening for higher performance and improved machinability. Stabilizing hardness through tempering also improves strength and abrasive resistance.
  4. Machining
    Since its establishment, our company has compiled a long history of machining technologies and general-purpose line configurations, such as for cutting, drilling, grinding, and rolling, which has enabled wide-variety production. Our flexible lines are able to adaptively respond to fluctuations in customer demand.
  5. Induction hardening
    For key products, we are lowering costs and ensuring stable quality by establishing 100% line integration of induction hardening in machining lines. Everything from coil design to hardening and from trial production to completion can be handled in-house.
  6. Assembly
    In-house production of everything up to assembly (steering gear assembly, ball joint assembly, etc.) ensures the quality of not only individual items, but assembly functions as well.
  7. Realization of assured high quality from integrated production system
    Proposal of products based on customer needs and wants

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