IATF16949:2016 (Quality Management System)

Company name IBARA SEIKI Co., Ltd.
Business locations Ibara Plant, Kasaoka Plant, and Soja No.2 Plant
Certification body name SRI Quality System Registrar

Basic philosophy

Creation of Peace of Mind

We contribute to people’s well-being and the realization of a safe society with high technology and reliable products.

Quality policies

Realization of policies in pursuit of customer satisfaction
  1. We establish a Quality Management System (hereinafter referred to as the QMS) based on the IATF16949:2016 Standard, and manufacture and supply products that satisfy customer demands as well as laws and regulations in the pursuit of customer satisfaction.
  2. By operating the QMS effectively, we strive to implement corrective and preventive action for system nonconformance and make continuous improvements.
  3. We maintain communication with our customers on a daily basis, and evaluate the level of customer satisfaction on a regular basis, and implement corrective and preventive action promptly when required.
  4. We establish company-wide quality policies and objectives, and promote continuous improvements by following the PDCA cycle.
  5. We systematically conduct education and training of all company employees, including related partner companies, in a systematic manner, raise each employee’s quality awareness and competence, and promote enlightenment activities to perform specific quality improvement activities.
  6. For operation of the QMS, we are committed to continuous improvements with emphasis on the following items to be promoted in particular:
    1. Improvement of the level of customer satisfaction
    2. Reduction of nonconforming quality products

These “quality policies” are documented and distributed to all employees for thorough dissemination, and released outside of the company at the request of customers, etc., where we strive for their achievement.

Kazuhiko Ueno, President

*What is IATF16949:2016?

Its predecessor was ISO/TS16949:2009, a Sector Standard with the addition of requirements specific to the automobile industry to ISO9001, and when corresponding to the 2015 revision of ISO9001, it was issued as the IATF Standard, not the ISO Standard.

ISO14001 (Environmental Management System) certification obtained

Company name IBARA SEIKI Co., Ltd.
Business locations All plants
Certification body name JIC Quality Assurance Ltd.
Applicable standard ISO14001:2015/JIS Q 14001:2015
Scope of registration
  1. Business activities related to the manufacture of automobile parts and agricultural machine parts
  2. Areas related to IBARA SEIKI Co., Ltd. located as follows:
    • Ibara Plant: 431-3, Kamiizue-cho, Ibara-shi, Okayama
    • Kasaoka Plant: 1234, Mobira, Kasaoka-shi, Okayama
    • Soja Plant: 1500, Makabe, Soja-shi, Okayama
    • Soja No.2 Plant: 1920-2, Kushiro, Soja-shi, Okayama
  3. Manufacture of automobile parts and agricultural machine parts, such as steering parts, engine parts, transmission parts, suspension parts, axle parts, and brake parts

Basic philosophy

Being aware that preservation of the global environment is one of the top priority issues common to all humankind, we aim to be a company that minimizes environmental load in every aspect of our corporate activities, establish an Environmental Management System based on ISO14001, promote specific initiatives for environmental issues, and strive to make social contributions.

Environmental policies

IBARA SEIKI Co., Ltd. has established “environmental policies” below for all employees to recognize the importance of environmental preservation and to strive for environmental load reduction and environmental preservation.

  1. We make plants friendly to people and the earth, and strive to reduce environmental impact from local communities to a global scale through the manufacturing processes of automobile and agricultural machine parts, including their machining and assembly, and activities related to them.
  2. By operating the Environmental Management System effectively, we strive to protect nature, prevent pollution, and make continuous improvements.
  3. We highly esteem communication with local communities and related industries, comply with environment-related laws and regulations, take action, etc., based on industry norms that we have agreed to, and actively tackle the realization of other important matters.
  4. Based on these environmental policies, we establish environmental objectives and goals by plant, review them regularly, and strive for continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System by conducting activities in accordance with the program for their achievement and by implementing internal environmental audits, etc.
  5. We thoroughly educate and train all employees including related partner companies, and promote enlightenment activities for each employee to deepen their awareness of environmental issues and take specific action.
  6. We promote environmental preservation activities with emphasis on the following items in particular among environmental impacts our business activities have:
    1. Initiatives for resource saving and energy saving to prevent depletion of natural resources
    2. Promotion of pollution prevention by thorough control of production facilities, etc.
    3. Reduction of waste and emissions
    4. Initiatives for activities to prevent global warming

Kazuhiko Ueno, President

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