1944 Started business as a subcontractor for Tachikawa Aircraft Company Ltd.

1947 Started delivery of automobile parts for Mizushima Jidosha Seisakusho of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

[currently Mitsubishi Motors Corporation].

1960 Relocated the Ibara Plant to our current location.

1965 Constructed the Soja Plant.

1969 Started delivery for Kubota Tekko K.K. [currently Kubota Corporation].
1972 Started delivery for Koyo TRW K.K. [currently JTEKT Corporation].
1985 Constructed the Kasaoka Plant, relocated cold-forging facilities, and started production.

1989 Constructed the Soja No.2 Plant.

1997 Started production of steering gear assembly.

2001 Established Fuzhou Lioho Machinery Co., Ltd. (casting, machining, and assembly)
in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, China jointly with Lioho Machine Works, Ltd. in Taiwan.

2002 Obtained ISO14001 certification.

2005 Established Fuzhou Ibara Lioho Machinery Co., Ltd.
(cold forging, machining, heat treatment, and assembly)
within the factory premises of Fuzhou Lioho Machinery Co., Ltd.
Obtained ISO/TS16949 certification at the Kasaoka Plant.

2006 Obtained ISO/TS16949 certification at the Ibara Plant, Soja Plant, and Soja No.2 Plant.
2007 Reorganized the plants for consolidation and efficiency enhancement of manufacturing and control.
2011 Started management based on our new management philosophy.
Participated in the electric vehicle project by the Okayama Vehicle Engineering Center for the next EV (OVEC).
2013 Constructed a new plant of Fuzhou Ibara Lioho Machinery Co., Ltd. due to increased orders.

2014 Established PT.IBARA LIOHO INDONESIA in Indonesia jointly with Lioho Machinery.

2017 Obtained IATF16949 certification.

2018 Entered the Robot SIer (Robot System Integrator) business.
2019 Established Okayama Robocare Center Co., Ltd. in Kurashiki City, Okayama Prefecture jointly
with CYBERDYNE, Inc. and its subsidiary Suzuka Robocare Center Co., Ltd.
Entered the wearable cyborg business.

2020 Expanded the plant of PT.IBARA LIOHO INDONESIA, and newly constructed a welfare building.

Selected as a one of the Companies Driving Regional Growth.

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